Apto conducts on-site investigations for employers facing difficult workplace matters in the United States and Europe. Our investigators are employment lawyers with years of business and workplace investigation experience. Retain Apto investigators to deliver immediate workplace solutions at cost effective rates.  




Applicable law and best practice organizational governance occasionally require that employers retain outside assistance to address workplace issues through a comprehensive investigation. The California Labor Code actually mandates that employers investigate employee claims of harassment, discrimination and retaliation promptly and objectively. Our company was established to assist employers when these issues arise.

When you retain APTO to investigate troubling workplace issues, your organization will save time, money, reduce the risks of liability, and restore your workplace to a positive and productive place to work. We achieve results that put difficult matters in the past, and place organizations back on track for the future.


  • WE SOLVE WORKPLACE PROBLEMS: APTO investigators are seasoned well trained employment lawyers and we investigate with the goal of solving problems. Our investigations result in outcomes that are fair and allow employers to move forward and focus on business, not legal problems.
  • WE WORK FAST AND EFFICIENTLY: When a workplace misconduct issue arises, employers need immediate help and a quick game plan. Stress is high. That’s where we come in. We will respond immediately and ensure an investigation is completed ASAP with little disruption to your employees or business. If employee complaints or employer concerns are investigated in an effective and timely manner, conflicts, problems and misunderstandings will be resolved before escalating into a legal matter.
  • WE ARE ETHICAL AND CONFIDENTIAL: APTO investigators are licensed employment law attorneys bound by ethics and client confidentiality. Our investigations are focused on determining the truth of all matters, while maintaining confidentiality with respect to the actual facts to ensure the least amount of conflict or disruption in the workplace.
  • WE ARE COST EFFECTIVE: There is nothing worse for an executive to receive a bill from an outside consultant or attorney that is ten times more than the company expected. When you retain Apto, you will have a budget with set deliverables and known cost variables that will work within your company’s budgetary constraints. We do not overwork our investigations or overbill our clients. We do what is necessary to complete an objective investigation, but we do so within our clients’ budgetary constraints in mind so that our clients are never surprised.


Workplace Investigations

We conduct prompt, impartial and cost-effective investigations on all types of workplace matters, including:

  • Discrimination
  • Harassment
  • Retaliation
  • Unfair Competition
  • Theft of Business Assets and Intellectual Property
  • Workplace Theft Investigations
  • Crime in the workplace
  • Substance Abuse in the workplace
  • Due Diligence on Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Fraud

Related Services

Apto also offers a variety of workplace training and Human Resources consulting and legal services through our skilled employment law attorneys. Check out our related company law firm site www.apto-law.com to see the types of HR consulting and legal services we offer, such as:

  • Harassment Prevention and Diversity Workplace Training (including California mandated AB 1825 training)
  • Workforce Reduction Plans and Severance Agreements
  • Employee Handbooks and Related Business Policies and Agreements
  • Compliance Audits and Legal Services (including wage + hour, medical leaves, and EEO matters)
  • Executive Employment Agreements


Holly Stamm, Esq.

Ms. Stamm has 20 years of experience representing national and global companies in general business and workplace matters, including workplace investigations. As a former partner at Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi, Ms. Stamm represented Fortune 100 companies in defense of all types of employment claims. Since 2001, Ms. Stamm has operated her own private practice, continuing to direct workplace investigations and acting as retained legal counsel for private and public companies. Her range of legal expertise includes intellectual property, employment, general contract matters, FCPA, corporate governance and ethics, anti-trust and unfair competition, as well as litigation. Ms. Stamm also conducts all types of workplace training on matters such as conducting a proper and effective investigation, diversity and harassment prevention, navigating medical leave laws, and proper wage and hour practices. Having formerly held vice president of human resources and general counsel positions, she brings a unique business background when providing advice to her clients and handling all types of workplace issues. Ms. Stamm holds a law degree from the University of Minnesota and University of California, Berkeley Boalt Hall and is licensed to practice in the States of California and Colorado.


Why conduct workplace investigations?

Because if you don’t, problems are likely to fester and your company assets could be at risk. Addressing workplace issues fast and head on through an investigation and problem solving is the best way to ensure that your company will not face litigation or liability. Based on the outcome of an investigation, your company can take appropriate remedial measures to fix a problem, thereby restoring employee morale and productivity, protecting company assets and mitigating any liability.

Who should conduct your investigation?

Sometimes it is best to have a company employee investigate a workplace conduct matter, such as in-house counsel or a member of your Human Resources team. But if your company doesn’t have either or any internal objective employee, you should consider retaining an outside resource to handle an investigation appropriately. When your company decides to retain an outside resource, you need to be careful. In the State of California, only licensed attorneys or investigators are authorized to investigate employee misconduct matters as a outside re, unlicensed firms or Human Resources professionals are not authorized to do under the California Business and Professions Code. Finally, it is in your company’s best interest to retain an attorney to conduct an investigation so that the attorney-client privilege can apply and you can chose whether to share the investigation results or keep all findings and statements confidential under the privilege.

How much do you charge for your services?

It depends. All investigations are different and require varying levels of steps, numbers of interviews, and possible forensic follow up on matters such as computer and phone. The breadth of the investigation and goals of the companies we serve also vary. Apto investigators will handle matters as small as a single employee’s complaint about conduct of another single employee, to matters as large as an entire Department or a global unfair competition matter. The scope of the investigation and the budgetary constraints of your company will dictate the costs, but you can be assured that we will complete our investigation with the minimum.


We are centrally located in California and our investigators handle matters throughout the United States and Europe.

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Holly H. Stamm, Esq.

Kristin Hopkins, Esq.

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